Sushi Vinegar (Organic, Gluten Free) - 250ml

Sushi Vinegar (Organic, Gluten Free) - 250ml

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Organic Sushi Vinegar - 250ml

Sushi Vinegar is an integral part of the sushi making process, giving the sushi rice its seasoning and adding another flavour dimension. Containing organic sugar and sea salt, making sushi has never been so easy. Cook 1 cup of sushi rice and then with a paddle or wooden spoon, break up the hot rice. As the rice cools sprinkle about 30 ml of Sushi Vinegar and gently turn the rice to mix. Once cooled, your sushi is ready to be moulded and served. Not only will this add to the flavour, but will also result in shiny looking, individual grained rice.

Ingredients: Organic rice vinegar, organic sugar, salt.

Origin: Japan

Certification: ACO (Australian Certified Organic)

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